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A Look at Wellmade Performance Bamboo Flooring

Wellmade Performance Flooring creates an unmistakably  superior bamboo flooring product that takes the best qualities of bamboo, and make them 10 times better. That’s because Wellmade’s bamboo flooring is engineered hardwood, rather than solid. But wait, don’t turn away now. Perhaps you’ve misunderstood what engineered hardwood is. What it is, is an eco-friendly choice for hardwood flooring that uses less raw material. Each bamboo plank consists of a core fiberboard that forms this durable strong base, which adds to bamboo’s already unparalleled strength, and earth-friendliness.

Bamboo flooring is really popular these days, because of its environmentally friendly attributes and off-the-charts durability. Bamboo doesn’t have to be replanted when it’s harvested, and only takes 5 years to reach maturity, vs. the many decades other woods require.

When you choose bamboo flooring, you’re choosing durability. When you choose engineered hardwood, you’re adding to that durability. Now factor this in: a scratch-resistant aluminum oxide coating and veneer coated atop your flooring. Now you’re talking about a nearly indestructible product.

Another type of bamboo flooring you may want to consider is strand-woven bamboo, which Wellmade offers. This type of bamboo flooring is revered around the world for its strength and hardness. If you have a high-traffic room (even in commercial spaces), you can’t go wrong with strand-woven bamboo.

Regardless of the type of flooring you choose, Wellmade offers a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes to match your needs.

Click Here to view the entire line of Wellmade Bamboo.

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