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A Review of Bamboo Flooring – More than Eco-Friendly

bamboo_flooring_003Forget everything you thought you knew about bamboo. It’s more than just panda pastries. It’s becoming quite the popular go-to product for home construction, including flooring.

One of the most prominent features of bamboo that attracts people to it is that it truly is a renewable resource. Think of it like this: oak, which is regularly used for flooring, takes upwards of 120 years to grow. Bamboo, on the other hand, matures in just five years. People who don’t want to have the guilt of cutting down century-old trees are flocking to bamboo.

Speaking of cutting down, that phrase doesn’t even apply to bamboo. Bamboo is mowed down, not cut down, meaning that the ecological habitat around the tree is not destroyed.

While these features do make bamboo quite an attractive flooring option, it all means nothing if the product falls short of your expectations. So, does bamboo flooring live up the status of a quality flooring? We’ll let you decide:

The look: Bamboo floors don’t look like anything else on the market. That’s because of a bamboo’s system of nodes, which create darkened bands of color. And like most other floorings, you have your choice of different finishes to match your décor.

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