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What You Should Know About Bamboo Floors

bamboo_flooring_02In case you haven’t heard – bamboo floors are ridiculously strong. Bamboo flooring is typically stronger than most other hardwoods, including oak . But not only is bamboo stronger, but it’s also flexible, which, at first, you may not understand the importance of. However, the flexible nature of bamboo floors helps make it last even longer than other floors. Here’s one other attribute that’s specific to bamboo: since it’s a tropical plant, it’s naturally resistant to moisture, making it a great stain-repellant floor.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s another reason why bamboo floors are becoming more and more popular. Their look is truly unique. Bamboo floors have a striking look because they are a finished grass. Their nodes create darkened bands that make each piece unique.

While there are many ways where bamboo differs from other hardwood flooring, one area where it shares similarities is with their array of sizing choices. Bamboo flooring is cut into planks which can have a variety of length and width dimensions to match your needs and vision.

The environment is a sticking point in flooring, which makes bamboo flooring head and shoulders above the rest. Bamboo is harvested as a grass, meaning that a plant can produce the grass without ever needing to be cut down. Furthermore, a bamboo plant reaches maturity in 5 years, meaning that it is a renewable resource.

There’s no question that bamboo is a hot choice in flooring these days. They are strong, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. Come see what all the fuss is about.

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