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Bamboo – The Environmentally Friendly Flooring

bamboo_flooring_003Environmentally friendly is regularly used term these days. Green products are growing momentum as the preferred type of product for anything from cars to interior design. Starbucks, Donna Karan and Nike have focused recent projects on green products for their interior designs, including bamboo flooring.

But bamboo isn’t just good enough for these international corporations. Bamboo flooring is gaining traction with everyday consumers as well. Today’s consumer is far more concerned with the environmental impact of everyday products, including their homebuilding and remodeling products.

At the same time, these consumers don’t want to sacrifice durability and beauty, which is why bamboo has become so popular.

One of the most profound ways that bamboo is green is because it’s a sustainable material. It replenishes nearly 20 times faster than many hardwood trees, and sprouts from the same plant.

It’s also extremely durable, more so than oak or maple. How does a floor’s durability play a role in its environmental friendliness? The more durable a product, the less you’ll have to spend on maintaining or replacing it. Once bamboo flooring will last you for years.

Bamboo is grown in a naturally moist climate, making it far more capable of handling moist environments than any other flooring. With so many positive features, it’s obvious why so many consumers and businesses are flocking toward bamboo flooring.

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