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FloorAge Bamboo Flooring – What’s Hot in Today’s Flooring

These days, bamboo is to flooring like iPhone is to cellphones. It’s sleek, coveted, and has one heck of a reputation. And while bamboo has shown its versatility across a number of products (fencing, for example), it’s most commonly used these days for flooring. Most people looking for hardwood flooring concern themselves with durability and strength (rightly so). If that’s the case, nothing outperforms the strength of bamboo. FloorAge Bamboo is one of the industry’s leaders in supplying durable and beautiful bamboo flooring.

Eco-friendly is more than a buzzword – it’s nearly a requirement these days. People and contractors demand eco-friendly products, and bamboo delivers. It is a hearty product that’s cultivated in many places throughout the world. It takes only 4 – 6 years for bamboo to be ready for harvesting, versus, for example, 30 years for a cherry tree. This alone is an attractive feature to many people and companies, including FloorAge, who are concerned with the health of our environment.

FloorAge offers a range of bamboo flooring products including engineered or solid planking, regular or strand woven, and many colors and textures (such as hand-scraped).

Engineered bamboo differs from solid planking because with engineered bamboo, thin layers of bamboo are fused to a plywood core in order to form the planking. Solid planking, on the other hand, features strips of bamboo glued together under tremendous pressure.

Strand-woven is a bit like solid bamboo flooring, but with a twist. It is solid, however, the strips are much smaller and (as the name suggests) woven together, prior to being fused together.

When it comes to durability, bamboo flooring is king. But if bamboo flooring is king, then strand-woven bamboo flooring is King Kong. Strand-woven bamboo is renowned for its unmatched durability and hardness. These strand-woven planks get their unique colors through carbonization (bamboo strips are boiled). The longer they are boiled, the darker the color. FloorAge offers several colors, including natural, ginger, chestnut, and java.

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