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How to install Bamboo Flooring

Step #1: Measure your space

Whenever you measure, you want to be sure to use square feet. Measure  both the length and breadth of the space. When you measure out your space, buy roughly 20% more material than you need, to factor in miscuts and off-fall (parts of the plank that are left over after the cut).

Step #2 Prepare your floors

The floors should be free of dirt, nicks, and bumps. An acceptable underlayment would be something such as ⅝ plywood. Really commit effort toward smoothing out and leveling your floor. You’d hate to have a floor that moves over your subfloor, and this is the best way to avoid it.

Step #3 Laying the floor out

This is a time for you to get creative with your flooring. A standard approach is to run the planks along the longest wall, but there’s nothing written in stone saying it has to be this way. Feel free to go diagonal, for example, but keep in mind this style requires more work in the long run.

Step #4 Leaf through your planks

Each plank of your bamboo flooring will vary, because it’s a natural product, and not man-made. You want balance with your flooring, so leaf through your planks and space out the dark and light planks throughout the floor to obtain this balance.

Step #5 What remains

You’ll have remaining material left over, certainly. Keep it. You might need some replacement planks over time, and it can be a challenge to find the flooring that matches your style. This way you have spare parts custom made for your flooring.

Step #6 Time for the cut

While others focus a lot of energy on the saw used for cutting, this doesn’t have to be a laborious part of the project. What you need is a high quality carbide-tipped blade, which you can get for as little as $30.

No matter what tool you use, the blade is what’s important. If, for example, you go with a T-Shank jigsaw, Bosch’s Progressor blade is a great fit.

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