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How To Keep Your Bamboo Floor Looking Its Best

bamboo_flooring_02There’s no question that bamboo flooring is hot. Anyone looking to add a touch of eco-friendly into their home design will surely at least consider bamboo flooring. Most people who take a look at their options for bamboo flooring will choose this remarkable flooring option.

Keeping it looking its best requires some knowledge and effort on your part, but you’ll soon discover that not only is bamboo durable and beautiful, but it has a knack for staying that way.

Bamboo floors have a protective urethane top coat, just like hardwood floors. One way to maintain the look of the floor’s finish is to use mats at the entrance to the room (or home). This mat will capture a large amount of the dirt that would otherwise travel throughout the room or house.

Of course you should sweep and vacuum your floor, using a soft bristle attachment. You should also wash your floor, though only do this periodically.

Bamboo is resistant to water, so using a wet mop won’t harm it. However, that doesn’t mean that you can soak your floor. Saturating it will damage it. Your best bet is to use a microfiber mop head, because it will allow your floor to dry quickly. You really want to avoid leaving residue buildup or streaks on your floor, so only use no-rinse, clear-drying solutions. And never wax your floor, ever.

This cleaning regimen is far from exhausting or troublesome. All in all, maintaining the look of your bamboo flooring is a fairly simple task, so long as you follow the simple guidelines listed here.

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