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Learning the difference between Standard Bamboo and Fossilized Bamboo Flooring

You have probably heard by now that bamboo is a well-respected product for flooring. It’s durable, beautiful, and extremely eco-friendly.

However, bamboo is just a blanket term for a variety of flooring styles out there. When you decide you want bamboo flooring, that’s just the first step. Next you have to decide what kind of bamboo. Two examples are standard and fossilized.

Standard bamboo flooring, or solid bamboo, is named standard for a reason. It’s the typical bamboo flooring you probably picture in your head right now. It’s a durable product and can resist moisture because of where bamboo naturally grows.

If you’re looking for the prototypical bamboo look, you may want to go with standard bamboo flooring. Here’s where you’ll see the patterns found naturally on a bamboo stalk.

Then there’s fossilized bamboo, which is getting some attention these days. Cali Bamboo and Stepco offer this type of flooring, which has been known as a nearly indestructible floor product.

Fossilized bamboo flooring is nearly off the charts in terms of hardness. It blows all other floors out of the water, meaning it’s ideal for extremely high-traffic areas (whether residential or commercial). Fossilized bamboo flooring becomes so hard because of the process in which it’s made. Bamboo fibers are compressed and intertwined together into tightly compacted blocks.

In Living Color

If you’re not interested in the typical bamboo look, but are in love with the idea of bamboo flooring, you have plenty of options, thanks to carbonization. Carbonization involves boiling bamboo so that the bamboo’s sugars react in the same way that sugar becomes caramel when boiled – by darkening. The longer the bamboo is carbonized, the darker the color. So, if bamboo is your preferred choice of flooring, but you want more style than the typical straw-like color, choosing carbonized bamboo flooring is the way to go.

Save the Environment

Eco-friendly products are hot, aren’t they? That goes for flooring too, which is why bamboo is so popular these days. Bamboo is a fast-growing glass that doesn’t need to be de-rooted to be harvested, meaning that the same plant can regrow, time and time again. It’s the ultimate renewable resource.

Most people look for several things when they look for new flooring: appearance, durability, and (in recent years) an eco-friendly flare. Bamboo hits the mark with each one of these categories, making it a flooring choice unlike any other.

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