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Stepco and Bamboo Flooring

If you’re looking for flooring that will give you a lifetime of happiness, then doesn’t it make sense to go with Stepco Lifetime Floors? With three decades under their belt, Stepco has the reputation and experience necessary for you to be sure you’ll get flooring you deserve.

Stepco features a long list of hardwood flooring, but one of its most eco-friendly and sustainable products is bamboo. Interestingly, while bamboo is labeled as hardwood, it is in fact a grass, which might sound odd to you, but it’s not only as durable as hardwood, more often than not it’s far more durable.

While bamboo in its natural form is a renewable resource (the plant grows extremely fast), Stepco miraculously adds to its sustainability by working with bamboo that’s grown either in plantations or in managed-growth areas, which ensures that the planet’s natural resources are not depleted.

Stepco offers you a variety of styles of bamboo (all featuring an easy interlocking installation system): horizontal, vertical, or strand-woven planks. This gives you the option of choosing the style of flooring that meets your needs and space.

Not only that, but Stepco bamboo comes in a wide range of color, not just the traditional straw-like color you might associate with bamboo. In fact, chances are if you have a particular color in mind, Stepco has it for you.

By choosing bamboo, you’re doing your part to use an eco-friendly product for our next flooring project. By choosing Stepco, you go a step further. Stepco has been an industry leader in eco-friendly products and practices for years. When you choose bamboo by Stepco, you choose a product that’s great for your home or business, and great for the earth.

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