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Taking Care of Your Bamboo Flooring

Here’s a fact: floors take a beating. That’s obvious, what with all the high traffic and heavy furniture we expose it to each day. While other floors will buckle under the pressure over time, bamboo flooring is in a class of its own. Not only will bamboo flooring likely handle the abuse like no other hardwood floor, but if it does need a touchup, resurfacing it is not a problem.

How do you make sure that your bamboo flooring remains beautiful throughout its lifetime? For starters, you want to make sure you check with your manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance. Each flooring is unique, and the manufacturer will offer you specific guidance. However, there are some general “best practices” that you can put into place that will help your bamboo flooring look its best.

For starters, avoid typical mopping. This isn’t a ceramic or vinyl flooring. Mopping your bamboo flooring could result in flooding it, which can damage it. You’re better off with a dry mop, broom, or vacuum (one that does not scratch the floor).

Here’s a helpful hint for removing stains: use a 4:1 mixture (4 parts water and 1 part vinegar). Wash the area that needs to be cleaned with a barely damp cloth or sponge, then immediately dry the area. Avoid allowing water to sit on the floor too long.

As far as regular cleaning, you can use a gentle floor or wood cleaner (non-wax), and possibly even apply sealer twice a year. This is where you’ll want to consult with the manufacturer.

Avoid pulling furniture across your floor. These items can leave unsightly scratches. You also want to place rugs on other side of your entryways to keep dirt from being tracked onto the floor. And of course, do not let anyone walk on your floors with high heels or cleats.

Bamboo flooring is durable, but does require care, like any hardwood flooring. With a few simple tasks, your flooring can last for many years to come.

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