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The difference between strand-woven and traditional bamboo

We here in the west might be new to the idea of bamboo flooring, but it’s actually been quite a common material for flooring in the East for years. It’s newfound popularity here, and its long-running existence in the East, is in large part due to its being an extremely environmentally friendly product. Many of us are familiar with traditional bamboo flooring, which has made its mark in the residential niche. But how many of you out there are familiar with strand-woven bamboo? If you aren’t familiar with it, here’s your opportunity to learn why it’s catching on like wildfire.

Bamboo is such an astounding product because of its super-speed growing capabilities. Many hardwood trees take several decades to reach an age appropriate for harvesting, but bamboo needs just five or six years. And, you don’t have to destroy the root system of bamboo, meaning that the minute you chop down a stalk for wood, a new stalk is ready to take its place.

When it comes to differentiating between regular and strand-woven bamboo, you have to consider the way they are made. Regular bamboo is made from cutting the bamboo shafts into strips, and gluing them together under extreme pressure. The result is super-strong product, but it’s only a fraction of the strength found in strand-woven bamboo.

With strand-woven bamboo, the bamboo strips are woven together first, then glued under extreme pressure. This extra step makes the final product an unbelievably strong flooring capable of handling even the highest of foot traffic areas (like commercial spaces).

Whichever type of bamboo flooring you choose, they can be installed using several methods, including a snap-locking floating system, and a glued/nail/stapled down method. This allows you to choose bamboo no matter what space, sub-floor, or foot-traffic is involved in your project.

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