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The Environmentally Friendly and Durable Cali Bamboo

San Diego-based Cali Bamboo supplies some of the most durable bamboo flooring on the market. If you’re looking for flooring that can endure virtually anything you throw in its way, than Cali Bamboo flooring is your savior.

Don’t be mistaken by that term – bamboo. Many people believe that bamboo only comes in one style or color. Nothing is further from the truth. Cali Bamboo offers Organic Classic, Fossilized HD ColorGrain, and so much more, to fit any décor or persona style. And the options don’t just end there You have choices in installation as well with Cali Bamboo. You can chose the tongue-and-groove locking system. You choose a floating method, or you can nail or glue down your planks. And, like most other hardwood on the market, you can also install bamboo over most types of subfloors.

Just like bamboo, Cali Bamboo is dedicated to running an environmentally conscious business. That’s fitting, seeing that the bamboo that Cali procures is grown on controlled plantations, making it a sustainable resource. Better yet, bamboo grows so fast, that it’s the perfect resource for worldwide building. Unlike other hardwoods that take decades to mature, bamboo can be harvested in five years. That’s why Cali made bamboo its primary product for not just flooring, but fencing, lumber, and more. Cali is so committed to the environment, that 1% of its revenues go to various environmental groups.

Beyond environmental concerns, there are plenty of other reasons why Cali Bamboo is likely the right flooring for you. Its Fossilized HD ColorGrain line scored at 5,000+ pounds on the Janka hardness scale, meaning it can handle the most high-traffic commercial areas around. How does is score so high? The Fossilized line uses strand-woven bamboo, which weaves thin strips and shavings together, then gluing and pressurizing these to form planks. The final product is nothing short of some of the strongest planks on the market.

If its natural hardness wasn’t good enough for you (and believe us, it is), Cali Bamboo flooring products also feature a 10-layer protective and anti-scratch coating. In short – this floor will not disappoint you.

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