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Using Minor Repairs to Fix Your Bamboo Flooring

bamboo_flooring_02While bamboo flooring is revered around the world as one of the most durable and resilient types of flooring out there, even bamboo flooring can incur the occasional mishap. What are these occasional mishaps? This might include spills, puddles, and droppings, including the dreaded oil and grease spills.

Luckily, these mishaps require little more than minor repairs to get your bamboo flooring back to its beautiful self again. Below are a list of general repair methods, however, it’s always best to contact your specific flooring manufacturer for what’s best for your floor.

Floors come face to face with stains every day. Kids spill drinks. Heck, adults spill drinks, and food. We track in oil and grease. Pets have accidents. These spills can be annoying, but they don’t mean the end of your flooring’s cleanliness. When cleaning up a spill, be sure to use a cleaner that’s formulated for urethane-finished floors. You have to apply the cleaner more than once on tough stains and use a wood floor pad to scrub the area.

These might be some of the easier spills you’ll experience with your floor. Candle wax, and even crayons and gum, have been to “mysteriously” find their ways onto floors. But rest assured that you can safely remove these stains and spills from your bamboo floor. First, cover the area with a plastic bag filled with ice, so that the wax or gum harden and become easier to crumble away. Once you can remove the spill, use your urethane cleaner to polish the area.

Of course there’s always the dreaded scratch. Glossy floor surfaces are no stranger to scratches. But for your bamboo flooring, repairing a scratch can be as simple as using a urethane floor touch-up kit.

Most of us have dealt with scratches before. But there is one “mishap” that is even scarier for homeowners, and that’s the burn spot. Burn spots aren’t just a result of tobacco products or matches. They can also occur from the embers of a fireplace. If your burn spot is relatively light, you can use that urethane floor touch-up kit used for scratches.

If, however, the burn is deeper, you might need to replace that plank or planks. How easy it is to replace a plank depends on how your flooring was installed. If it was a floated installation with a click-system installation, then replacing a plank will be fairly easy. If, however, your floor was glued, nailed, or stapled down, you face a greater challenge. Your best bet in this situation is to contact a flooring professional to do the repair.

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