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Decorating Each Room With Carpet Choices

Carpet is more than just flooring. It’s a decorating tool with endless possibilities. Once you get the basics down, decorating with your carpet isn’t so difficult.

Imagine the potential: do you want to create a subtle background? Perhaps you want to call to attention to your carpet? Those questions alone will dictate what type of carpet you get. For example, a subtle background usually calls for neutral colors, such as beige or gray. If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, the bold spectrum, then burgandy, or hunter green, or other striking colors might be what you’re looking for.

Of course your room isn’t just about your carpet. You likely have furniture in your room, or are planning to get furniture soon. The color and type of furniture you get plays a role in your carpet design as well. For example, dark furniture such as black leather, brown suede, dark oak or cherry wood requires a light-colored carpet. Why? Because this light carpet will accent the beauty of your furniture. The inverse is true as well. Lighter-colored furniture benefits from dark-colored carpets.

How you design your room goes well beyond inanimate objects. What about you and your lifestyle? Do you have kids, pets or hike often? You may want to skip the lighter colored carpets. You’ll have a hard time keeping your floors clean. If you’re committed to lighter colors, but do track dirt or hair in the house, here’s a trick: go with a multicolored carpet, or Berber.  Learn more about these carpets in our Styles and Textures section.

Be wary about selecting carpets based on one other decorative point. We see many people choose their carpets based on curtains, or a bedspread. The end result can be beautiful, however, what happens if you have to switch bedspreads? Bedspreads are easy to rotate and change out. Carpets are a long-term investment. Choose your carpet coloring carefully.

For more help with selecting a color for your new carpet, refer to our Color Selection Chart. And you can always call us on our Customer Service Hotline for further assistance. We’re happy to help you come to a decision that’s right for your room.

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