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Great Acoustics & Great Insulation From Cork – The Natural Flooring

cork_flooringIt’s no secret that cork has been used for years as a natural soundproof material. Even as technology creates synthesized materials, you’ll notice big-name recording studios opting for cork because of how well it does the job of reducing echo and sound transmission.

You might instinctively think about walls when you think about cork and acoustics. But flooring plays a large role in overall acoustics as well. Cork flooring is hot, and there’s a good reason why: it is not only a great sound and echo reducer, but it’s also an all-natural product.

What makes cork so effective for acoustics? Its cellular structure is so compact, that sound literally can’t travel through. Each cell is filled with air as well, adding to its soundproof quality.

Yes, other man-made materials, like fiberglass, have proven to be effective for acoustics as well. But cork is a natural product that won’t harm you if you inhaled pieces of it. Furthermore, cork is remarkably long lasting. It’ll maintain its high-quality of soundproofing for 90 years (and more) after it’s installed.

Remarkable insulation

Everything that makes cork great for acoustics is why it’s so fantastic for insulation as well. You could walk barefoot across a cork floor and never feel cold, because not only will the flooring absorb and maintain the heat of a room, but it’ll also keep your feet from losing body heat.

If you have children, pets, or anyone with back or feet issues, cork flooring could help relieve their pain. Cork is soft to walk on, making it far more bearable to stand on than other hardwood floors.

If all that wasn’t enough, there’s one more reason why cork is worth your attention. So much focus these days is on using environmentally responsible flooring. That’s easier said than done, when woods like oak take a hundred years to mature. Cork, however, is an environmentally responsible flooring option. The cork is harvested from a cork oak tree, a tree that does not have to be cut down to supply the cork. This means that one cork tree can produce cork over, and over again. Talk about a renewable resource.

If you haven’t considered a cork floor before, think again. There are many styles to choose from, and, if insulation and acoustics are of any concern for you, then it’s hard to surpass the reputation of cork flooring.

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