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Helping Your Cork Floor Last For Many Years To Come

If durability is what you strive for in flooring, then cork is certainly on your radar. So long as you keep your cork floor clean and well maintained, then you should have a good looking floor for years to come. Lucky for you, maintaining a cork floor is not too hard.

All the advice we outline below is generic and should be used as such. In order to accurately maintain your floor, you should consult your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Use mats in front of all doorways and sinks, but don’t use mats with non-porous backings (such as rubber mats) because they might trap moisture and ruin your floor’s finish.

Add felt pads under all furniture legs (tables, chairs, couches, entertainment centers) so that you eliminate potential scratching and scuffs. Even with padding, however, don’t drag furniture. Be sure to lift it in order to move it.

Use sun-blocking window treatments to prevent excessive fading of your flooring. This could include curtains, blinds, drapes and even window tint.

Another aspect of regular maintenance is to clean your floor regularly. In order to clean your floor, you’ll want to ensure that all spills are wiped up immediately. Also, sweep (or vacuum) your floor regularly. What this does is picks up potentially abrasive debris, and prevents unwanted scruffs.

If you have a heavily soiled area, use only a cleaner made specifically for pre-finished hardwood floors.

These steps should help maintain your cork floor’s luster, however, it’s still possible that with heavy traffic, that luster will fade over time. If this does happen, consult your manufacturer to determine any potential refinishing recommendations.

Cork floor has lasted in some high-traffic areas for more than a hundred years, believe it or not. That’s because the floor’s been well maintained and cleaned. Your flooring can enjoy just as long a life, if you take the proper maintenance care.

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