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Maintaining your Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a unique choice for your flooring project, and has the added benefit of being eco-friendly. While it’s a fairly durable product, you need to ensure you consult your manufacturer regarding specific maintenance requirements in order to ensure you enjoy your cork floor for many years. Each type of flooring is unique in its maintenance needs, however, below are some  general guidelines to help you extend the life of your cork flooring.

Avoid extensive use of liquid on your floor. Use a dry or slightly damp mop, and clean up any liquid quickly. If you don’t use a cork-specific cleaner, you can use a diluted mix of water, baking soda, and/or white distilled vinegar. Just be sure to rinse the floor with fresh water after cleaning.

Avoid excessive dirt buildup by using mats at doors that open up to the outside. Just be sure not to use rubber-backed mats, as they trap moisture, which can damage your cork flooring.

Protect your floor by adding padding or felt to the legs of your furniture. Cork is wondrous in that it can bounce back from dents, but extended pressure (made by furniture legs) can cause permanent damage. Also, avoid excessive exposure to UV rays. Using blinds or draperies will help keep your floor from fading.

If your flooring losing a bit of its shine, you can apply more polyurethane and acrylic finishing products, but be certain to consult your manufacturer as some products are better for cork than others.

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