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Choosing the right type of texture for your flooring project

Doesn’t it seem like there’s so much to consider when choosing flooring? So many people say to themselves, “I know I want hardwood flooring,” and they think they’re done with it. But what kind of hardwood do they want? And it’s not just about what they want, but what works best. High-traffic rooms require a different type of hardwood than a low-traffic room.

Besides the type of hardwood you want or need, you also have to consider what texture of flooring works best for you. There’s a pretty good chance that you haven’t even considered the types of textures, perhaps, in part, because you’re unaware of your options.

The different textures in flooring:

Smooth. A smooth texture does exactly what it advertises: it provides a smooth and polished look for your floor. If you want neat and uniform, this is a great choice for you.

Distressed.Also known as weathered, this kind of textures is for the people who found the above texture (smooth) a bit boring. If you like to have character in your floor, including grains, woodworm and more, than this is perfect for you. It’ll create a rustic look for your space.

Matte. Matte is similar to distressed, in that it creates a natural look to your floor. If you’re going for an untreated look, then matte is the texture you’ll want to go with.

High gloss. High gloss is like the high gloss photographs – it’s shiny and will reflect light. As a result, it actually opens up spaces, this it works great for smaller rooms. However, this shiny look works best for elegant-style rooms.

You’ll likely run into a few other variations of textures in flooring, however, the above are the most common types. Begin your search with these textures, and if you don’t seem to find the perfect style for you, then broaden your search.

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