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Should Radiant Heating Flooring become a part of your home?

radiant_flooring_heatingThe key term in Radiant Heating Flooring is radiant. Radiant heat is the transference of heat from a source (your floors) to another source (you!). If you dreamed of having heated floors, but thought that was way out of your league, think again. There are a variety of reasons why radiant heating flooring can be a great benefit for your home.

Radiant heating flooring tends to be more efficient than forced-air heating, because there’s no loss of heat (due to ducts) and because there’s a significant reduction in allergens. Radiant heating flooring is also a good way to heat a new addition to your home.

There are three types of radiant floors. Knowing the difference between the flooring can end up saving you a lot of time and effort in the long run. The three types of radiant flooring are:

Air-heated radiant floors are viewed as rather inefficient when it comes to energy savings. That’s why you won’t see them in homes, generally. You have to rely on solar heat in the day, and furnace heat at night, in order to generate the air heat necessary to heat your floors.

Electric radiant floors are certainly more effective than air-heated floors, however, they can do a number to your electric bill. The best way to save on this cost is to have some type of thermal mass, like thick concrete, that will actually hold onto the heat. That way your flooring can heat your house without a continuous energy source.

Hydronic radiant floors continue to be the most effective and used type of systems. With this type of flooring, heated water from a boiler is sent up to a pattern underneath the flooring.

If you choose to go with a radiant heating flooring, then your best bet for covering is tile. It’s not only a good conductor of heat, but it also works as a mighty fine thermal storage, so that it’ll give off heat even if there’s no actual electric, hydronic, or air source heating it. You can use other types of coverings (like thin carpet, wood and vinyl), but nothing will compare to tile.

Radiant Heating Flooring is more than just a luxurious add-on to your home. It can be an effective way to keep your house, and family, warm and comfortable, no matter what outdoor conditions are like.

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