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A Guide to Armstrong Hardwood

Armstrong Hardwood

Armstrong Hardwood

It’s amazing to consider that the international company that is Armstrong began in Pittsburgh, in the 1860s, as a two-man cork-cutting operation. Tom Armstrong’s first deliveries of his hand-carved corks were by wheelbarrow.

In the 150 years since then, many things have changed, but one constant remains: The Armstrong name is synonymous with hard work and passion. Armstrong’s customer-first approach to business helped revolutionize American business. He encouraged companies to stray from the old business maxim of Caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware), and rather replaced it with the principle of “Let the buyer faith.”

It is that faith in Armstrong’s unparalleled quality and service that have catapulted this once-tiny company into an international leader in hardwood flooring.

Rural Living Collection

Encapsulating the grit and authenticity of natural wood, Armstrong’s Rural Living Collection is a display of authenticity and rustic flavor, and includes such choices as:

American Scrape Hardwood

Armstrong’s American Scrape Hardwood line is inspired by the diversity of the American landscape and features vintage hand-scraped textures, a choice of rustic or refined scraped looks, and contains more than 90% of domestic materials.

  • Hickory – Candy Apple
  • Hickory – Clover Honey
  • Hickory – Gold Rush
  • Hickory – River House
  • Maple – Aspen
  • Maple – Brown Ale
  • Maple – Coastline California
  • Maple – Cranberry Woods
  • Maple – Dark Lava
  • Maple – Gold Rush
  • Maple – Nantucket
  • Maple – Natural
  • Maple – River House
  • Maple – Seneca Trail
  • Oak – Brown Bear
  • Oak – Great Plains
  • Oak – Gunstock
  • Oak – Nantucket
  • Oak Natural
  • Oak – Wild West
  • Cherry – Autumn Apple
  • Cherry – Forest Color
  • Cherry – Homestead
  • Cherry – Honey Bee
  • Walnut – Buck Horn
  • Walnut – Dark of Midnight
  • Walnut – Dark Scape
  • Walnut – Harvest Time
  • Walnut – Natural
  • Walnut – Walnut Garden
  • Hickory – Amber Grain
  • Hickory – Autumn Blaze
  • Hickory – Cajun Spice
  • Hickory – Eagle Nest
  • Hickory – Grand Canyon Sunset
  • Hickory – Hitching Post
  • Hickory – Red Rock Canyon
  • Hickory – Smokehouse
  • Hickory – Western Mountain
  • Hickory – Wilderness Brown

Urethane Parquet Hardwood Flooring

A different approach to hardwood, Armstrong’s parquet line offers unique squared patterns that give off a mosaic-like look to any space, while still providing the warmth and class of hardwood.

CLICK HERE to view all of our Armstrong hardwood flooring.

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