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American Hardwoods: Replenishing Forests As We Cut Them Down

american_hardwoodsYes, it’s true, bamboo and cork are environmentally friendly, when you consider how quickly you can harvest one of these trees. Bamboo, for example, takes only 5 years to reach an age of harvesting. Our American trees, like oak, can’t compete, which is why there’s been so much discussion recently regarding the environmental benefits of foreign woods.

But not so fast. Think of this: even if it only takes five years to harvest bamboo, how much fuel, energy, and waste, does it require to get that product to our side of the world? By the time bamboo or cork makes it to our shores, all the benefits of its short-harvesting time has gone by the wayside.

There is hope yet for homeowners looking for sustainable wood. You don’t have to import wood from China to get flooring you know isn’t detrimental to the environment. Believe it or not, North American hardwoods, such as oak, hickory, maple and pine are fantastic options.

How is this possible?

Aside from the lack of distance needed to get to our shores, the U.S. has done a remarkable job in recent years of creating tree farms that, essentially, replenish our forests as we cut them down.

Just as your hardwood is being harvested in Oregon, younger trees are being grown in Maine. In California, even more trees are nearing maturity. When it’s time for them to be harvested, those Maine trees will be older, and next in line. Those trees in Oregon will be replanted, and in several decades, they’ll be good to go. In short, from coast to coast, there is this network of farms that ensures that for every tree cut down for hardwood, another tree can take its place.

If you are in the market for sustainable hardwood, it makes no sense to buy wood that traveled thousands of miles to get here, does it? Look toward American hardwoods. You’ll be surprised what you find.

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