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Embrace the Look of Hardwood with Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

hand_scrapedThere was a time when all you could get in flooring was “hand scraped.” We didn’t have the tools or means to make wood look any differently. Then something changed. Inventions like engineered hardwood, and laminate, allowed manufacturers to create shiny, glossy hardwood flooring.

Consumers love anything new, and this new type of flooring took off, leaving the natural “hand scraped” look behind in the dust.

But just like bellbottoms and hula-hoops, people demand to go retro, and in this case, retro means hand scraped hardwood.

Hand scraped hardwood is popular among those looking to capture a vintage look (such as people trying to remodel an old home). However, the hand scraped look can work for anyone, and any project.

Before machinery, hand scraped meant, quite literally, planks that were scraped by hand. This process led to each plank looking unique and beautiful in its imperfections. The imperfections were part of the allure. Today, we could easily smooth out those imperfections (and we do), but many people are looking to capture the original and natural look of hardwood. As a result, hand scraped hardwood is a hot trend in flooring.

Beyond capturing yesteryear, people have come to discover that hand scraped hardwood does well to mask minor scrapes and scratches that accumulate on a floor over time. This makes this type of flooring ideal for high-traffic areas.

Even if you live in the most modern home on the planet, installing hand scraped hardwood into your home could make a warm, and striking statement. Nowadays, most places have shiny, piano-finish flooring. Why not stand out on your own, with a blast from the past?

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