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Is Wood Look Tile Actually Worth The Investment?

wood-look-tileAnyone who’s done any research on hardwood knows that for all its beauty, durability and assets, it has a fair number of shortcomings as well. In particular, hardwood just isn’t suited for any environment that encounters water. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor decks. But wouldn’t it be nice to have the beauty of hardwood in those spaces, without fearing that your floor will be damaged?

You can actually enjoy the benefits of hardwood, without fearing its shortcomings, thanks to Wood Look Tile.

Wood Look Tile takes the look and feel of hardwood, and transposes it onto a ceramic or porcelain tile. The end result is flooring that can handle any type of environment, and can surely match any existing décor. From rustic to modern, today’s wood look tile flooring has a wide variety of choices, including tiles that celebrate the imperfections found in natural hardwood.

But isn’t real hardwood ideal?

Not necessarily. With Wood Look Tile, you get the beauty and feel of hardwood (which is really why you wanted hardwood to begin with, right?), as well as all the benefits of tile, including:

Tile flooring is superbly durable and self-caring, but there are some things you should do to ensure you get a look that you like. For starters, when you purchase your tile flooring, purchase a few extra tiles. You never know when you might have to replace a tile, and you’d hate to find out then that your flooring has been discontinued. Secondly, take time to match your grout. Grout is really the only way anyone could ever tell your flooring wasn’t hardwood. You want to be sure that your grout matches your flooring.

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