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The Charm of Reclaimed Timber with Factory Finished Hardwood Flooring

reclaimed_flooringYou have to admit there’s a charm to reclaimed timber flooring. The wood used to make this flooring hails from old barns and structures, making your flooring a history story, as well as beautiful flooring. That’s a tough feature to compete with, but is it worth the high costs associated with reclaimed timber?

Many consumers don’t think so, which is why despite their love of the look and “feel” of reclaimed timber, they opt for other flooring choices. However, it is possible to capture the charm of reclaimed timber without the cost. The answer is in factory finished hardwood flooring.

With factory finished hardwood flooring, all the coating, sanding and staining are done in a controlled factory setting, rather than in your home. The obvious benefit from this is that you don’t have to endure dust or fumes as you wait to use your new floor. But there are other benefits to choosing factory finished flooring as well.

For starters, factory finished hardwood flooring has proven to be an incredibly durable flooring choice because of how much control manufacturers have when applying the coating and more. But there’s even more. One area where your reclaimed timber wood that’s site-finished cannot compete with factory finished hardwood is with moisture resistance. Factory finished flooring can handle the varying degrees of moisture that exists in most environments.

One of the hottest trends in flooring these days is factory finished flooring. Most consumers have evolved into savvy shoppers who want a beautiful look without sacrificing durability. While most consumers are willing to pay a little extra to have flooring that meets both these criteria, most people in the market for flooring become pleasantly surprised to find that factory finished hardwood flooring gives them exactly what they are looking for, for less than they expected.

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Before you commit to expensive reclaimed timber, check your options. You may be surprised at what you can find with the wide assortment of factory finished hardwood flooring.

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