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Wine Barrel Flooring – Your Next Flooring Choice?


You might think that a great place to find wood for your next flooring project is the thousands upon thousands of acres of forests across the country. Sure, you could look there, if you must. But what if there was a way for you to use reclaimed wood for your next project?

There are dozens of ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into flooring, however, have you ever considered using wine barrels? Probably, not, but each year hundreds of thousands of wine barrels go to waste by vineyards from Napa Valley to New York. No vineyard wants to reuse a barrel. That’s considered poor winemaking. So what do they do with these barrels? They dispose of them.

But some vineyards are beginning to see the value of barrels as a source of hardwood flooring. That’s where you come in. Wine barrel hardwood flooring might sound like a strange idea, and maybe something best kept to tiny wine cellars. But think about it: wine barrels are made of oak. While oak by itself features many unique appearances, the lifecycle of a barrel adds even more characteristics that people find alluring. This includes the colored stains made by wine. It includes the stamps found on the heads of the barrels. It includes the marks made by the iconic metal banding.

Surely, wine barrel flooring would become a great conversation piece.

Reclaimed for the better

Reclaimed wood is hot, right? If you had the chance to incorporate reclaimed wood into your project, you’d take it. That’s because reclaimed wood is Earth-friendly, and the wood has its own history. Now, imagine your reclaimed wood coming from wine barrels. Imagine the history! Many people get oak flooring, but how many get wine barrel oak flooring? You can feel good about your flooring not only because of its originality, but because you made a choice that benefits the environment. You chose reclaimed wood.

Don’t get sidetracked by the strangeness of this idea. Wine barrels are oak, simple as that. You won’t just get a unique floor with wine barrel flooring, but you’ll get a durable floor with an appearance that can add a classy, yet rustic appearance to your space.

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