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Is Direct Pressure Flooring a Good Option for my Home?

No matter how you slice it, laminate flooring will provide you a durable, long-lasting product that’s easy to maintain, and a joy to look at. But, to be fair, within the world of laminate flooring, there are two sub-categories. The first – high-pressure flooring, is known throughout the industry as the durable superior. It’s the powerhouse of laminate flooring. It’s constructed by the compression of sections separately using heat and pressure. It’s ideal for commercial spaces that receive a high level of traffic (think restaurants).

But there is another sub-category of laminate flooring – direct pressure flooring. Direct pressure flooring is made by compressing and positioning all the layers of the flooring at once. This is thought and believed to make direct pressure flooring less durable than its counterpart. In fact, that’s true, on paper, high-pressure laminate flooring is more durable. However, if you look at the big picture, you’ll realize that all laminate floorings is superbly durable, and regardless of which sub-category you decide on, in most cases, your floor will live up to your day-to-day challenges.

So why would you choose direct pressure flooring? That’s a legitimate question. Direct pressure flooring is manufactured using 300-550 PSI (vs. 1400 PSI), meaning that there is more flexibility on the decorative sheets. For you, the consumer, that means that you have far more flexibility in flooring design with direct pressure flooring.

Is design and appearance important to you? In most cases, the answer is yes. When you install flooring into a room, you’re looking to change a design or feel of your space. Thus, design is important. You won’t find the kind of variety and freedom in high-pressure flooring that you will find in direct pressure flooring, which is why the latter has become such a popular flooring option in recent years.

Should you install direct pressure into your home? If your concern is the durability of your floor, then rest assured that direct pressure flooring can handle the task. So long as your home doesn’t see the levels of traffic that a restaurant sees, then your flooring will last for many years to come.

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