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Laminate Flooring

Over the years, sales have increased steadily enough to make laminate flooring the fastest growing type of floor in the country!  It quickly caught on in the flooring market thanks to its superior strength, durability and relatively low cost. The name itself suggests that the material used in the lamination of the floor is of a synthetic nature. Laminate flooring is the fusing of multiple layers of synthetic flooring products. There are, generally, three to four layers included in laminate flooring.

What is Laminate?

Laminate flooring comes in the shape of tiles or planks and the cost is much less than that of similar looking hardwoods. The laminate tile or board has the glue at the back making it extremely easy to install.  The installation requires a two-step process.  First, you clean the base of the floor and the second step is gluing the laminate boards together. The flooring must be installed in the area where the exposure to water or humidity is limited. An exposure to humidity or moisture can cause the laminate boards to swell. However, laminate flooring is now being produced with a water-resistant varnish to limit swelling of laminate floors.

Laminate flooring is somewhat prone to scratches, so in order to avoid scratches it is important to place adhesive felt pads below the feet of your furniture. Although, the care and maintenance of a laminate floor is as easy as the installation process.  All you have to do is keep the laminate flooring clean from dirt and dust as the particles may leave a scratch damaging the look of the surface.

Why Laminate?

Laminate flooring is the most economical flooring option available today and can be installed on any flooring surface, concrete or wood. However, not all laminate floors are the same in quality and strength.  Laminate floors come in a variety of colors and patterns. Patterns such as pine, oak, stone etc are available in addition to other patterns. Laminates imitate hardwood flooring and in some case stone flooring. Laminate wood flooring patterns resemble original wood flooring, but no solid wood is used in its construction.  Laminated wood flooring is an interlocking system that is installed on top of an existing foundation.  Natural looking designs in durable finish, laminate wood flooring can complement any home or office as needed.

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