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Some Background on Area Rugs

People use area rugs as a way to add class to any room. One reason rugs are so popular is because you can get a beautifully handmade rug at a fairly reasonable price. That’s pretty impressive, seeing that once a handmade rug is made, it can never be reproduced. That aspect has made area rugs a popular item for people who value not only the functionality of the rug, but its artistic beauty.

How to begin your search

Deciding that you want an area rug is probably the easiest step you’ll take through this whole process. Actually choosing an area rug can get a bit tricky. To simplify the process, you should keep in mind a few things. Firstly, set a clear budget that you’ll stick to. Chances are you’re going to be wooed by the beauty of a number of rugs, but if you set a budget and stick to it, you’ll quickly narrow down the field.

You’ll also want to consider the colors, look, and size of the rug you want. Take a look at the room the rug will go into. If you have a light-colored flooring, you should stick to a dark rug, whereas light rugs work well with dark-colored flooring.

The rug’s texture

You might not even know what “texture” refers to with your area rug, but it’s an important element to consider. Texture is what determines the look of your rug. Your goal is to match your texture to your existing decor. Our rugs, for example, have “themes” such as tropical and modern. These themes are designed to help you pick the right rug for you. The tropical themes look gorgeous with light hardwood flooring. The modern themed area rugs feature geometric patterns, straight lines, angles and shiny surfaces.

The last thing you want is to have a rug that clashes with your decor. Find a rug with the right texture and theme. If you’re struggling with determining which rug works best for your space, we can help.

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