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Sports-Themed Rugs by Milliken, for the Sports Nut

If sports runs through your body like blood, then Milliken has an area rug custom-made for you. Milliken’s sports-themed area rugs let you honor your team, whether you root for the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL or a specific college.

This rug is perfect for the sports nut in you, or for the sports nut you know. Posters are overdone. Figurines serve no purpose. Pennants don’t really express how you feel. But a rug … that’s a different story.

Just imagine your TV room sporting a rug with your football team’s logo. How many of your friends can say they have that? If you take sports more seriously than a part-time player, then Milliken’s sports-themed rug is perfect for you.

You have more options than just what team to support.

You can choose one of two designs:

Team Spirit – The team spirit design places your team logo smack-dab in the center of the rug, making a bold statement like none other (aside from perhaps tattooing the logo smack-dab on the center of your forehead).

Team Repeat – Team repeat displays your team’s logo throughout the entirety of the rug, ensuring that no matter who stands on your rug, or what chair or table covers it, your team’s logo will always be in sight.

You can also choose two styles from the Collegiate collection. These include:

Home court: for basketball teams

Home Field: for football teams.

The NFL collection also offers a Home Field option.

Each of these options bring the action to your home. Home Court rugs look like basketball courts, whereas Home Field rugs look like football fields. Both designs display your team’s logo in the rug’s center. Not only can show your team pride by laying down one of these rugs in your home, but you can show your US pride as well. All the rugs are made in the US, and are 100% nylon pile fiber. What this means to you is you’ll get the high-quality and durability you’d expect from a US-made product.

What are you waiting for? Your man-cave needs this as much as it needs a flat-screen TV. Milliken Sports area rugs have a product perfect for you.

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