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The Difference Between Traditional and Contemporary Rugs

While rugs surely add a touch of class and beauty to any room, their appearance isn’t the only reason they are a popular flooring option. They are quite functional as well, as they help a room retain its warmth.

When you look at the price of area rugs, you need to keep in mind that you’re not paying for the pattern, but for the material from which the rug was made. One place you should begin with on your search for the perfect rug is: should I go with contemporary or traditional? We help you sort out the differences.

Contemporary rugs are the norm for today’s modern style. These ultra-modern rugs are generally very attractive and possess finely intricate designs amid bright colors. Coloring is one of the attributes that defines a contemporary rug. Contemporary styles allow these ultra-modern rugs to boast brighter colors than what is considered standard with traditional or cultural rugs.  Contemporary rugs are extremely versatile, and can find a home inside your bedroom, hallways, living  room, study or virtually anywhere else.

Traditional rugs are known for their floral and leafy pattern, repeated throughout the material.  Unlike contemporary rugs, traditional rugs never used circled or squared patterns. Also, traditional rugs were confined to certain shapes, specifically square, rectangle, circle and oval. Today’s rug designs are much more fluid. You can essentially get any shape or size you wish.

Regardless of which type of rug you decide on, one thing is certain: these works of art are delicate and often times expensive. Be sure you are prepared to offer your rug the special maintenance required to keep it in tip-top shape.

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