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A Guide to Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde

The evolution of ceramic tiles is deeply rooted within the halls of Atlas Concorde. Founded in 1969, the company is one of the biggest suppliers of ceramic tile in the entire world. Their use of technological and aesthetic innovations has become a point of reference throughout the entire ceramic industry.

The Made in Italy logo found on Atlas Concorde products stands for style, quality, and ethics. Only companies that adhere to the strict ethical code promoted by the Confindustria Ceramic can use this logo.

Their access to this prestigious logo is just one of numerous examples of how Atlas Concorde stands apart from its competition.

Diversity in all that they offer

Atlas Concorde offers more than 80 collections ideal for both floor and wall surfaces. The elegance, durability, and prestige of each line is well suited for residential and commercial applications, large-scale projects, outdoor spaces, as well as to complete the perfect urban design.

What’s behind each Atlas Concorde collection

Behind every single ceramic collection manufactured by Atlas Concorde is a tremendous amount of research to ensure that the most cutting-edge styles and trends are created. The company’s technical experts and state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures that each tile is made with extremely high aesthetic and technical value.

The level of passion and dedication that goes toward the production of every single tile is what makes Atlas Concorde the ideal choice for any project hoping to exude beauty, durability, and functionality. 

Design your next project with Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde offers architects and interior designers porcelain floor tiles and white-body wall tiles that are perfectly coordinated to meet the needs of contemporary planning and design.

Every design project by Atlas Concorde includes a complete range of coordinated floors and walls that are characterized by a marked and original style.

Different natural materials, including wood, stone, cement and resin, inspire every single tile that comes from Atlas Concorde. When designing your space with Atlas Concorde, you can be sure that every single detail of the collection chosen becomes an integral part of your unique concept, with a unique style that enhances the appeal of the existing architecture.

Porcelain floor tiles

Atlas Concorde’s porcelain floor tiles are durable and easy to maintain. They come in a variety of finishes to suit different contexts, including matte, honed, glossy and honed satin, all of which are ideal for indoor applications. If your hope is to add new flooring to an outdoor space, Atlas Concorde also offers collections with textured and grip finishes.

White-body wall tiles

Atlas Concorde’s wall tiles are easy to clean and maintain and feature a low surface porosity, which makes them resistant to humidity, stains, mold, and bacteria. They do not absorb smoke, odor, or vapor, making them perfect for kitchen and bathroom applications.

Aside from their functionality, Atlas Concorde’s white-body wall tiles come in a variety of chromatic and decorative features, ensuring that you’ll find all that you need to create the latest interior design that matches today’s fashion trends.

Learn more about the Atlas Concorde collection now!

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