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A Guide to Daltile

Daltile – the definition of best in class


With humble beginnings rooted in the heart of Texas, the story of how Daltile became the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of ceramic tile and natural stone is an inspiring one.

Daltile began as the Dallas Ceramic Company in 1947, just as the country was bouncing back from World War II. With the grit and determination that has come to represent the greatest generation, Robert M. Brittingham founded the company out of a simple Quonset hut in Dallas. He used a tireless work ethnic, smart business sense, and a passion for what he offered to grow his tiny operation. Within 8 years, he had expanded to Mexico.

Since then, Daltile has built a reputation on using technology alongside artistry to create stunning flooring lines that are as captivating as they are purposeful. 

Take, for example, Outstand Technologyâ„¢, which has helped revolutionize the flooring world. Tiles with Outstand Technologyâ„¢ are frost, chemical, and stain resistant. Their unbelievably secure, stable performance make them the perfect fit for heavy commercial applications.

But Outstand Technologyâ„¢ is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Daltile.

Most recently, Daltile teamed up with Microban®. Microban’s® technology is now used during Daltile’s manufacturing process and inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the tile.

The result? Simply put, a tile flooring with the type of protection typically found on tanks and suits of armor.

Of course, when it comes to trailblazing, perhaps the single area where Daltile reigns supreme is in its position as an environmental leader.

Daltile – We Create beauty. we don’t destroy it

Daltile’s products are manufactured with an earth-first philosophy. Their mission is to make it simple for their customers to complete their projects while qualifying for LEED® certification. Their online Greenworks resource center provides everything you’d need to be green with your flooring project, including:


Technology has come a long way since Daltile’s origin, and the company hasn’t missed one opportunity to lead the charge as the country’s most eco-friendly flooring manufacturer.

Daltile has never forgotten about the customer

Daltile’s Dimensional Stone program is a perfect example of how the company has always kept the customer at the forefront of every decision made. The Dimensional Stone program makes it easy for you to get the natural stone you want for your project.

The program offers procurement, fabrication and delivery of any natural stone, and puts you in direct contact with a Dimensional Stone Specialist, acting as your dedicated project manager, who’ll work with you from inception to completion.

Style and quality – hand-in-hand

Daltile offers the most multifaceted selection, style, and design of tile flooring in the entire country. Their passionate team provides the resources, experience, and inspiration needed to help you design with the best.

Regardless of your tastes or applications, Daltile is certain to have what you need. They feature the durable yet elegant collections suited for large-scale projects, but also offer the stylish, unique products that help personalize your living space.

If you can envision it, Daltile will create it and help you bring your ideas to real life. Learn more now by checking out Daltile’s flooring collection here.

CLICK HERE to view all of our Daltile flooring.

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