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A Guide to Eleganza

Eleganza – modern movement redefined


In the grand scheme of things, Eleganza Tiles may seem like one of the newer kids on the block (they were formed in 2002). However, their youth in the industry is what allows them to redefine the modern movement without being bogged down by decades of history to slow them down.

At the core of Eleganza’s mission is to help customers create their dream space. They do this by delivering high-definition ceramic and porcelain tiles at affordable prices. Backed by the expertise of their design team, Eleganza doesn’t just supply the products: they provide the imagination and spark to help you create and reshape your living environment.

If you’re looking to transform a room into a simply unforgettable space, Eleganza will walk with you every step of the way.

Committed to inspiring others

Whether you want to add a level of sophistication, elegance, or class to your residential or commercial space, Eleganza’s wide array of products are aimed to inspire homeowners, designers, architects, and builders alike.

Eleganza’s use of high-definition inkjet technology allows its customers to bring their real expression and creative energy to life. As the industry leader in large and rectangular format tiles, Eleganza has quickly become one of the most trusted names for inspirational designs.  They offer a variety of looks, including:

A truly US-inspired company

While many flooring manufacturers set up shop overseas, Eleganza has never strayed too far from its roots. The company has warehouse facilities strategically placed in Anaheim, Oakland, Dallas, Chicago and New Jersey, making them accessible throughout the country. They’ve also partnered with more than 2,000 distributors across the country, Canada, Mexico and Asia, making it possible for virtually every person on the planet to gain access to the unique collections of ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles that only Eleganza delivers.

Modern style. Old school costs.

Eleganza has been able to stand apart from its competitors because not only has it redefined the modern movement with revolutionary products of superior quality, but they also do so while maintaining an extremely competitive price. On their relentless pursuit to bring style and design to everyday life at a price that everyone can afford, you, the customer, will always win.

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