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A Guide to Florim USA

Florim USA – American Florim

With roots in Italy, Florim has made waves stateside by constantly pushing the technological envelope of innovation to produce timeless and sustainable porcelain products ideal for commercial and residential settings. As one of the largest and advanced porcelain facilities in North America, American Florim benefits from the support and backing of the Florim Group, which is located in the heart of the Sassuolo industrial district in Italy.

Innovation comes to life with American Florim

Even in just the last few years, American Florim has proven why it’s considered a true leader in innovative flooring technology.

In 2010, American Florim was one of the first American companies to introduce high definition graphic (HDG) technology. HDG has helped to revolutionize floor manufacturing, and has vastly improved the quality of product that porcelain lovers have access to.

But American Florim didn’t stop there. Just two years later, in 2012, the company announced it would invest $60 million to renovate its North America facility, so that it can continue to produce unparalleled porcelain products that have proven to withstand the test of time.

This facility, in Clarksville, TN, is a marvel of its own. It was strategically located in Montgomery County so that it’d be within 500 miles of 75% of the US population. It’s also near 5 major interstates, allowing Florim to save time, money, and resources shipping their flooring product across the continent.

American Florim makes green work

All waste generated from the company’s Tennessee plant is recycled back through the system. This unique closed-loop approach to manufacturing symbolizes the commitment American Florim has toward the earth and social initiatives. In fact, Florim is so confident about its commitment toward sustainability that it’s made public the data and information found in its sustainability report (it’s available for download on the company’s website).

So how, exactly, does Florim make green work? Florim is focused on pursuing sustainable development by ensuring that the earth is factored into every step of the manufacturing process, from brainstorming to delivery. That includes:

As an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Florim helps to spread awareness throughout the U.S., encouraging the use of building solutions inspired by environmentally friendly practices.

More locally, Florim has also offered a series of free workshops in Montgomery County, in an effort to help community members learn how to sustain local resources.

All in all, when you purchase a Florim flooring product, you can be certain that that piece of material is as earth-friendly as possible, thanks to Florim’s commitment toward:

If you’re looking for a porcelain product that pushes innovative boundaries while blazing new trails in eco-friendliness, few other manufacturers compare to Florim. With the style and artistry that’s come to define an entire Italian region, Florim benefits from leaning back on its rich history in porcelain while forging ahead as the one and only leader in the type of porcelain flooring that’s come to design the modern era.

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