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Using Flooring Tiles for Your Walls

wall_tilesYou might not have ever thought about designing your walls with floor tiles, because you assumed walls need wall tiles, and floors need floor tiles. In fact, only part of that statement is true.

Floors do need floor tiles, because floor tiles are designed to handle foot traffic, and they have a higher level of friction, so that you don’t slip all over the place.

But these same floor tiles can be used to design your walls as well.

The typical wall tile can’t handle the foot traffic a floor tile can handle. And, wall tiles are typically glossier (thus slippery) than floor tiles. That means that you can’t install a tile designated as a “wall tile” onto your floor. It isn’t safe, and that tile will probably wear out pretty fast. You can, however, install floor tiles onto your walls. What you’ll likely end up with is a more durable wall tile.

But why might you want to install a floor tile onto your wall?

These days, people are looking for as much freedom of creativity as possible. They want more choices in their designs. Having access to more tile designs gives you this freedom. Ceramic, tile and slate flooring tile are quite popular choices for wall designs. Flooring tiles can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and often times, people strive to install larger tiles on their walls to create the appearance of a larger space.

Other people like to use the flow-design method, where the same tile used on the floor is used on the wall. This creates uniformity and, quite literally, a flow, that’s pleasing to the eye.

No matter what reason you choose for using flooring on your walls, by going this route you gain access to a nearly limitless number of options for your designing needs. Before you limit yourself to only wall tiles, remember that floor tiles can make a perfectly adequate (and at times, better) wall tile for your space, be it a bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in your home.

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