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Get the beauty of hardwood or stone, with the durability of vinyl. Introducing: Luxury Vinyl

luxury_vinlyIf you’re someone who cringes at the term “vinyl flooring,” you might want to read on. Your idea of vinyl is about to change, drastically.

For years, vinyl flooring has been viewed as an extremely durable product, great for high-traffic areas. However, some people view vinyl as a cheap substitute for higher-end natural products, including hardwood and stone.

But as flooring technology continues to progress at lightning speed, a new product has come to light: Luxury Vinyl.

Luxury vinyl takes all the beauty of natural flooring options (such as hardwood and stone) and combines it with the unparalleled durability of vinyl.

How popular is luxury vinyl? Some of the most refined retail and restaurant spaces in the country turn to luxury vinyl. Why? Because these places don’t want to sacrifice beauty for durability, or vice versa. A restaurant wants to impress its customers with a beautiful first impression. Flooring plays a large part in this. But at the same time, the floor of a restaurant takes a beating each and every day. It’s not worth it for a restaurant owner to invest in flooring that won’t make it past two years.

What’s the solution? Luxury vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring is as beautiful as stone or hardwood, but far more durable. Vinyl is moisture resistant, and a breeze to maintain. If this type of flooring can survive a restaurant environment, don’t you think it can survive your home?

There’s a reason why the word “luxury” is affixed at the start of this flooring option: you cannot capture a better, luxurious look than what you find with luxury vinyl flooring. In recent years there’s been a massive push for the use of luxury vinyl flooring in high-end homes. That’s right, the same homes that once boasted stone and hardwood are leaning toward luxury vinyl flooring.

Think of it: longer lasting, easier to maintain, and just as beautiful. When you break it down to these simple terms, there’s no mistaking why luxury vinyl has become one of the most popular trends in modern flooring.

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