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Return Policy

Return Policy

We pride ourselves on customer service and we make every effort to make sure our customers are happy.  We are here to educate you on the type of flooring you are buying and to help you measuring the area you are buying flooring for. We will also make recommendations for the overage you should order so you don’t come up short when you install your floor.

Flooring Returns

We sell flooring at wholesale prices and lower. We cannot accept returns on what is left over once your floor is installed. If you have 1 to 3 cartons of material left over when your flooring job is complete, it is recommended that you keep them in the event you need to do a repair.

Listed below is our current policy on material returns:

Note: If you have any questions, please contact us at Phone: 1-800-764-4969.

*The actual original freight charge is not the freight charge listed on your invoice. In most cases, the actual freight we pay to have you order delivered is much more than the amount listed on your invoice.

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